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Brew day: Molasses Stout (and brandywort chaser)

It’s all over but the cleaning now. Have a look at this fabulous wort. It’s a swampy dark hell just like it should be. Dig:

I’ve adjusted the original recipe post to reflect a few changes I made while picking up ingredients and actually assembling the brew. Biggest changes are a rather mammoth addition of molasses and the addition of juniper and grains of paradise. It’s a molasses imperial stout, I figured, there’s no point in trifling around with that. Not blackstrap anymore, though; the store didn’t have any.

But I have a present for you, even though it’s past Christmas. Another recipe for a truly fine thing I’m calling a Brandywort.

I don’t know if you’re familiar with the fine beverage called a Hot Scotchie, which is toasty mash runoff with a bit of Scotch in. I like this version even better: a brandywort is cooled wort, sweet and malty and ripe with hop flavor and any other adjuncts you’ve added along the ride, topped off with a dollop of brandy. Brandy and hops are a natural match, as it turns out. I’ll have to experiment with that later. Take this stuff in small glasses, it’s strong.

Brandywort Recipe

1 oz wort (squish some out of your strainer)
1 tbsp of brandy, more or less to taste

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