Calibrating a Brew to the House

This isn’t a brew about developing a house yeast, though I’ve got plans to try that out in the spring when the environment is a bit more cordial to micro (and macro) organisms. A friend of mine took advantage of the generosity of the folks at Big Al Brewing to score some of their yeast a while back. I’ve still got a few of the bottles I made with that. Big Al is seriously good stuff AND THEY’RE SOUNDERS FANS and I have a particular fondness for the funk-rich sours that they’re so good at, so I don’t think there’s a better place to start the Chez Ape Micro-Preserve than that yeast culture.

I did say this wasn’t going to be a post about that, though. Heh.

Mostly it’s about dealing with the fact that my housemates don’t drink enough beer.

I like to brew in 5-gal batches; maybe that’s the basic problem. But I love having a lot of a beer that turns out well, so eh. I am constantly running out of bottles. I’ve got about a batch and a half’s worth in constant rotation. Occasionally one gets gifted or purchased, so the number stays more or less constant. There’s just too much beer still in bottles when I come around to bottling day again. Like today, when the Most Serene Republic of Pumpkin gets decanted. I’m brewing faster than the house likes to drink.

The solution came to me in the car on the way to the brewshop today: BAAAAARLEYWINE. Pretend there’s a Ghost of Brewing Past saying that, it’s cooler that way. If the housies aren’t drinking enough beer, and I don’t want to deplete my stock of bottles by giving them out, the obvious solution is to calibrate what I brew to give them more time to drink the batch I just made. Batches that take longer are GO! Having a bucket filled up with nice fermenting things seems like the best way to deal with the urge to fill up buckets with nice fermenting things. So now I’m looking for recipes, just in time for prime barleywine season. Got a favorite? Let me know. Otherwise it’ll be some ridiculous Galactic Imperial Wheat Sahti nonsense, and who wants that?

(actually I do seriously want that now. It’ll give me a chance to bust out the stormtroopers again.)


2 thoughts on “Calibrating a Brew to the House

  1. Matt says:

    I totally want a galactic sahti. You could also try your hand at a lambic. Also what’s wrong with your housemates not drinking your beer fast enough?

  2. brewingape says:

    I have to occasionally spend time doing things other than drinking beer, so I count on them to pick up the slack and keep my bottles empty. They do not take their duties seriously enough!

    (on the galactic sahti, yeah, as soon as I typed that I knew it was going to happen. I think I’ll modify a wheat wine recipe and see how it goes.)

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